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Neighbors Ensuring Sincere Transparency

N.E.S.T. is a coalition of residents working to ensure that our City practices smart planning with economic development

About Us


How We Started

On December 20, 2108, California Northstate University (CNU, a local FOR PROFIT pharmacy and medical school) announced their intention to build a 13 story hospital, with a Level 2 Trauma Center and a Heli-Pad in our quiet neighborhood of Stonelake in Elk Grove, California.  Our Master Planned Community was built by well known AKT Development and was named for the Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge.   Most of us moved here to be near nature and there was never a plan to put any type of medical center or hospital anywhere near this location.  We began as a small group from Stonelake which is why our name was originally "Neighbors Ensuring Stonelake Transparency."  

The "Ghost Mall" was finally demolished in 2019.  Photo courtesy of EG Citizen


Soon we were joined by other members of the Elk Grove community.  The photo on the right (courtesy of Elk Grove Citizen) portrays the recent demolition of what became known as "The Ghost Mall."  It was a failed project of former Mayor Gary Davis.  Davis is  now  a paid consultant to CNU.   Coincidentally, Davis had moved into the Stonelake neighborhood just a few months prior to the CNU hospital announcement.


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Please check our calendar section for important dates such as City Council, Planning Commission and other meetings that provide an opportunity to have your voice heard.  

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